Sugar Land, TX Overhead Door Maintenance

sugar land tx garage door maintenance

When we think of maintenance around the home, do you ever think of garage door maintenance? I am sure that most home owners do not consider overhead door maintenance or even checking their garage door weather seal. It is not every day that you need garage door service.

Overhead door maintenance requires maintenance because it is the largest door you will service on any home. Garage door service can be limited is you perform garage door maintenance routinely which will end up saving you a large amount of money. Garage Repair of Sugar Land in Sugar Land , TX has laid out some simple things that you can do to routinely do overhead door maintenance that will limit overhead door service calls that you will need.

Stopping the Squeaks

You may hear a squeak as the door opens and closes. No, that does not mean you need to schedule a garage door service repair, but it does mean that some garage door maintenance is in order. One mistake that many homeowners make when trying to get rid if garage door squeaks is pulling to WD40. In this scenario to perform the right overhead door maintenance, you will want a lithium or silicone spray to over the chain rail and other metal moving parts such as springs to make sure they are properly lubricated.

Clear the Path

The “track” of the garage door is the metal path that the garage door follows to open and close. Whenever you use any type of lubricant to do garage door maintenance, you want to make sure that you clean the track. Many garage door service repairs is to clean the track because the lubricant has held a lot of buildup and debris inside of the track. You can avoid an overhead door service call by simply wiping down the track with an old, hot, wet rag and wiping it down thoroughly before applying lubricant.

Seal It Up

The garage door weather seal is a very crucial part to your garage door and one are you should check at least once a month as a part of your garage door maintenance. The garage door weather seal serves several purposes. One main purpose is to keep moisture out of the garage door. The garage door seal was also constructed to keep the cold out and keep the warmth in which provides energy cost savings as well. Having a garage door seal up to date means saving more money for the homeowner while making sure moisture or wetness from rain or snow does not come into the garage.

These are some simple garage door maintenance tips you can use to make sure that you can avoid having to make a garage door service call anytime soon.

If you are in the Sugar Land, TX are and need someone to look at your garage door, then contact Garage Repair of Sugar Land today so that we can help you with your overhead door maintenance and garage door service needs.