Sugar Land, TX Overhead Door Openers

sugar land tx garage door openers

You may think that looking at a garage door opener is like looking at a repetition of the same thing with only the fashion style of the garage door being different. In fact, an overhead door opener is just like a car. There are different features, the garage door opener remotes are different and they have some added bonuses to the higher end models. Most home owners think a garage door opener comes with a garage door clicker that just opens and shuts. Unfortunately there is much more to consider then just the color of the overhead door clicker. Garage Repair of Sugar Land in Sugar Land, TX has made a list of some of the benefits of the garage door openers that go beyond the garage door clickers.

What to Look For

So one of the first things you want to consider for a garage door opener is the type of drive it has. You have either a chain drive or a belt drive that work with the garage door opener. The only difference is that one is a chain which is the original garage door opener belt, while the second option is a heavy duty, rubber belt. You also have a midway drive which requires the least amount of maintenance out of all the drives available. Then you have to consider how much power your garage door opener needs. Now we have a standard rule on how to choose the proper overhead door opener with the power you need. For a once car garage you will want a ½ horsepower garage door opener, while anything bigger you will require a ¾ horsepower garage door opener.

You also want to be aware of safety and security features. You want to have a reversing mechanism so if you accidently use the garage door opener remote to close the door and there was something in the way, the garage door opener would open the door. A rolling code is a safety feature that makes it harder for a burglar to break open your garage door opener. No one wants to use their overhead door clicker to just find out that someone broke into their garage.

Now there are two types of control panels for the garage door opener. Your standard garage door clicker and then the wall mount. We advise to have both in case of a power outage. This is why we also recommend having a battery backup installed in the garage door opener. If the power goes out, then you will still be able to access your garage door opener with your garage door opener remote.

Many home owners these days want to be the repairman of the home. They see a good deal on a garage door opener that they feel they can install them. Many consumers do not realize that pro models are different then non pro kits. The major difference is that a pro model has the rail as one entire section which makes it stronger.

We hope this has given you more insight on the overhead door opener features and options. If you live in the Sugar Land, TX area then feel free to contact Garage Repair of Sugar Land to go over your garage door opener options.