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With a huge selection of Same-Day overhead gate repair services that cover each part of this system, including the torsion/extension springs, opener, sensor, drums, rollers, hinges, cables, weather Seals, tube shaft, tracks, brackets, emergency cord, even the nuts, bolts, and more, any issue will be fixed today for any commercial and residential client throughout Sugar Land, Texas; just contact Garage Repair Sugar Land, TX. We come in a timely manner with the solution.


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About Our Comprehensive Overhead Door Repair & Maintenance Services

With fully-equipped trucks and mobile workshops that include a broad range of machines and hardware needed for any task, we arrive at our customers’ location in Sugarland, Texas, checking the whole system accurately and our experience that is close to 20 years enables us to uncover each and every issue at the system even at the hidden small parts to fix them all +from the first visit at the most professional standards. Our repair mission does not stop at this point; after fixing the problems, we lubricate, adjust and tighten the whole moving parts in the overhead door and then replace any part that becomes near to being worn out. We also check the electronic circuit and the whole automatic system to repair any issues on the spot.

We leave our customer location after returning the garage gate as a new one that can move up and down easily and effectively without any obstacles interrupting smooth movement or annoying sounds coming from it; we are artists in returning any faulty and damaged overhead doors into new ones that work without any problem for a long time to come as a result of our professional maintenance service; that is why Garage Repair Sugarland, TX, has been rated as the top company in Sugarland, Texas.

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Common Garage Door Issues We Fix On The Spot

The opener switch/keypad/remote control is not working! The garage door is stuck to opening or closing! Have a noisy gate! An off-track garage door! A broken panel damages the curb appeal of the decoration! The motor runs without the door moving! The overhead door starts opening or closing but starts malfunctioning halfway through! The garage door will open and close OK but at a snail’s pace! Have another issue! Hire us and wait for 30 minutes, at maximum, to get it repaired.

Do not waste time and money with the unprofessional technicians; we at Garage Repair Sugarland, TX, have handled these issues and more for more than a decade and a half, knowing the best repairing technique for each problem to get it fixed on time at the most affordable cost. Missions such as spring repair/replacement, opener repair/replacement/hinges repairs, drums replacement, off-track repair, noisy garage doors repair, stuck door repairs, sensor repairs, and even more have become a piece of cake for our experts.

Immediate Garage Door Springs Repairs

Overhead door springs are the most common complaints we gain from our clients, and unfortunately, the issues at this vital part of the garage gate are the most dangerous ones; the case may even deteriorate to falling the door suddenly damages anything and hurt anyone under it. Sorry to tell you that there are a high number of death cases who become victims of falling these heavy-weight doors on them because of the worn-out springs.

The springs are the portions that carry the overhead door weight, hanging the door within the opening mission and helping the cables to pull the door up and down with balance during the closing mission; any problem with them means nothing is hanging the door. We at Garage Repair Sugarland, TX, move on the spot once getting a request from a client in Sugarland, Texas, about any issue at the springs or related to it in order to provide immediate garage door springs repair or replacement service as per the situation of those parts.

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